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YOSAFAT DWI KURNIAWAN is a high-end ready-to-wear label based in Jakarta Indonesia. Founded in 2010 by the man bearing the same name, with the vision of creating a label that represents strength and sensuality in women through fashion.

The designer often infused his love for architecture and strong lines in his designs, mixing it with a sense of femininity through the lens of an urban perspective while combining the love for culture and art. His love for hard edge construction in his designs is often times juxtaposed nicely with his passion for textile development, be it through the hand woven fabrics found in his home town, extensive beading, or digital prints.

The label has been featured in various local and international publication like DEWI, Harper's Bazaar, Femina, Vogue Italia and V Magazine; as well as presenting their collection on the international stages of Paris, Bangkok, Beijing and Jakarta.

In Jakarta, YOSAFAT DWI KURNIAWAN collection is available in:

CENTRAL Department Store - Grand Indonesia

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